The Museum of Mysteries seems like the perfect place to chime in with theories on what this mysterious ancient object actually is. If you have a theory, please don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comments section.


I am thinking, since there are 12 sides, that it may be a sort of ancient pocket calendar? Either that or a meditation device, like prayer beads, to count out the sacred number 12…


History Mystery: Ancient Dodecahedron’s Purpose Remains Secret

By Alexandria Hein


Mysterious, 12-sided geometric objects known only as “Roman dodecahedrons” have long mystified archaeologists.


Can you do what the world’s archaeologists can’t? Can you explain this — thing?


It’s been called a war weapon, a candlestick, a child’s toy, a weather gauge, an astronomical instrument, and a religious symbol — just to name a few. But what IS this mystery object, really?


There are books and websites dedicated to properly identifying it, dissertations dedicated to unveiling the truth, textbooks and class curriculums spent arguing over what its function is. Fans can even “Like” it on Facebook.


Yet the only thing historians will agree on is a name for the odd object: a Roman dodecahedron…


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