As a follow up to last week’s post, here is a piece that tells the story of the most remarkable case of reincarnation that I’ve read about so far –


Omm Sety – Priestess of Ancient Egypt?
by Brian Haughton


Omm Sety - Priestess of Ancient Egypt


“Omm Sety (‘mother of Sety’) was the Egyptian name adopted by Dorothy Louise Eady, who believed she was the reincarnation of a priestess at the temple of Sety I at Abydos, Upper Egypt. Although cited by some as evidence of reincarnation, are the claims of this eccentric English lady any more believable than those of the legions of reincarnated pharaohs, priestesses, Atlantean kings and Amazonian queens that have found new lives in the twentieth and twenty first centuries? Though if Eady’s story is pure invention, how did she obtain her apparently detailed knowledge of ancient Egyptian life and their sacred customs?


Dorothy Louise Eady was born to Irish parents in a suburb of London in January 1904. According to her own account, at the age of three Dorothy fell down a long flight of stairs and was pronounced dead by the attending doctor. However, an hour later the little girl was sitting up in bed, perfectly recovered. It was from this point onwards that she began to have recurring dreams of being in an ancient building with huge columns, interpreted by her as a temple. When she was four years old her parents took her with them on a visit to the British Museum, and it was here in the Egyptian galleries that the little girl suddenly became aware that she was ‘home’.


Such was the effect of this realisation on the four year old that she apparently ran madly through the halls, kissing the feet of the ancient Egyptian statues and eventually sitting down at the feet of a glass-cased mummy and refusing to budge…”


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