Continuing our Crystal Skulls Series, I am pleased to offer a guest post from Lily L. Diamond, healer, intuitive, and the magnificent blogstress at Green Mother Medicine.


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11:11:11 and My Crystal Skull Journey 

by Lily L. Diamond


Part I



For several years now, I’ve been seeing 11:11 many places.  I glance at the clock, 11:11.  I receive an email and notice it was sent at 11:11.  I send an email at 11:11.  At the checkout stand at the grocery store the cashier says, $11.11.  And to be honest, I get other married number sequences too — 4:44, 5:55, 2:22, 3:33, 1:01, 2:02, 6:06, and so on.  But, as you know, it’s the Eleven Eleven Eleven date that’s received all the attention. being part of the Mayan calendar prediction of the world shift coming in 2012.  Yes, the universe conspired to place me at the 11:11:11 Crystal Skull Conference and Mayan Elder Gathering in Los Angeles.


A few months ago, I made a visit to one of the world’s most beloved metaphysical bookstores, the Bodhi Tree Bookstore, which opened in 1970, and will be closing within the next year or so. The new tarot card section was calling to me.  Out of all the decks, wrapped in their shiny plastic, a single box, with a tiny “used” label caught my eye, the Crystal Skull Message Cards.   One of the first cards I chose was:  11:11 Transformation – “Many lightworkers believe that the 11:11 is a pre-preprogramed wakeup call from ancient times, such as Atlantis, in order to help us activate our energy awareness, inner knowledge and healing abilities….Watch out for 11:11, it can appear on clocks, microwaves, receipts and just about anywhere you might see numbers.  An amazing spiritual shift is about to happen!”  Okay!  I took those cards home and began using them on a daily basis, integrating them into my morning oracle sessions, to become acquainted with them.  Many times when I asked about my Green Mother Medicine essence, the cards, Earth and Nature came up.  The Earth card has a comment that shamans were often buried alive in the earth, which is one of my past life memories, so I definitely got a cosmic wink along with the obvious match of Earth being part of Green Mother Medicine. The Nature card says, “Show appreciation for the plant kingdom.”  That made me smile, as in addition to being an herbalist and an avid gardener,  I’ve been blessing seeds and seed balls, water and earth as part of my Green Mother Medicine gatherings.  And when I asked about an upcoming trip to Hawaii, the message card was Abundance Island.  I was so blown away by the cards, He completely agreed with me that The Crystal Skull Cards have such useful commentaries for our current cosmic climate shift.


I asked the cards for a message for the readers of this blog.  The messenger card is The Blue Skull.  “I come to you with messages of unity, peace and harmony, of building a collective consciousness of oneness for your Blue Planet.  For each one of you that becomes awakened and enlightened an extra piece of The Blue Skull can be put into place.  Pull together to be together.  Open your eyes to to all that’s around you.  Blue is the color of vast oceans, of the sky and of healing and communication.  If you continue to spread your light and speak your truth, walk your path and communicate with healing, then all the oceans stand a chance of being blue again.  Look after your world dear ones, keep following the way of light and love and one day soon you will understand what it means to truly live on, in and with this, your amazing ‘Blue Planet.’ The skull in this card speaks of what many call Ascension or spiritual and planetary evolution.  If he comes to you today, know that you are ‘part’ of the oneness.”


The cards originate from White Elk Woman who tells her own story about them at her website.


In searching for a way to purchase more cards, I signed up for a newsletter where I read about the Crystal Skull and Mayan Elder Event for 11:11:11 in Los Angeles.  I contacted Kendall Morgan who coordinated Crystal Skull events for 9:9:9, 10:10:10 and is working now on 12:12:12.  I offered to volunteer for the conference, it felt like the perfect thing to do.  And, indeed, it was a perfect thing to do and a perfect place to be.


To be continued…


Meanwhile, you can learn many, many, many things about the crystal skulls at the Oracle Stone Productions website here.


The Bodhi Tree Bookstore website is here.


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Lily L. Diamond is a healer, dreamer, intuitive, singer, musician/composer, writer, ritualist and teacher.  Lily offers individual and group sessions for self-empowerment.  For information on Lily’s highly recommended intuitive readings please email her at greenmothermedicine (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject line “Green Mother Medicine Readings/Healings” – I’ve experienced one of Lily’s remote/telephone sessions and it was profoundly insightful and relaxing.


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