I was browsing National Geo’s Gallery of World Wonders for something to share here, and it was nearly impossible to decide which image to choose as an intro. Alas, after some consideration, this one won –


Hungary: Masked Avengers


Photograph by Joe Petersburger


“When the calendar turns to pre-Lent carnival season, one thing’s a given in the river town of Mohács in southern Hungary: The busók are coming. Not that anyone could miss them. Arriving by rowboat on the Danube and cloaked in shaggy pelts, carved wooden masks, ram’s horns, and the scraggly chops of a barbarian, some 500 men (and a few women) parade through town, bombarding the air with the jangle of cowbells…”


More about these masked fellows here, and even more world wonders here at World Wonders Photo Galley at National Geographic.