This image via Milky way scientists.


While this beautiful planetary alignment of Mercury, Venus and Saturn is really going to occur later this year, it won’t line up over the Giza pyramids. This image is presently all over the internet – but the way the alignment is presented over the pyramids is false. The geometry is wrong. Here is what it will look like.


Isn’t it interesting how 2012 seems to be the year for all sorts of interesting celestial happenings? Makes one wonder if the Mayans were on to something? I think the pyramids are a celestial calendar – built as a language to indicate certain moments in time. But for what, who knows? Maybe just because when things happen in the sky it simply just looks amazing? The ancients were clearly interested in aesthetics (just look at those pyramids and then imagine them with their bright white casing stones intact – reflecting sunlight and moonlight as far as the eye could see).


P.S. By “ancients” I don’t mean the dynastic Egyptians – my gut tells me that these structures are way older than that.