Here is a nature “mystery” for you – a simultaneously disturbing and cute creature. How is that even possible? The sheer weirdness of the Venezuelan poodle moth has caused images of it to go viral on the net…


(It looks like an alien to me! When I first saw a photo of it I was certain it was a puppet or a special effect for a space movie!)


Zoologist Arthur Anker’s picture of a Venezuela poodle moth has captured the curiosity of Internet onlookers.



By Alan Boyle


It’s been compared to a fluffy dog, a Pokemon character and a Power Rangers villain — but whatever it is, the Venezuelan poodle moth has captured the Internet like Mothra in a bad Japanese movie. Now it’s up to the experts to figure out exactly where this moth belongs on the tree of life.


The first thing to emphasize is that the poodle moth is no phony concoction like the jackalope, dogerpillar or chupacabra. Its cute, furry, scary look is totally in line with what’s expected for a neotropical ornamental moth…


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