It seems that Archeologists may have uncovered the body of Richard III – it’s even hunchbacked…



Body of Richard III found (possibly)

The Periscope Post


Archeologists from Leicester University have uncovered an intact skeleton which they believe is that of Richard III, the king whose reputation as a ruthless hunchback comes from William Shakespeare’s play. The skeleton has a deformed spine, and is at the site of Grey Friars church, where Richard was thought to have been buried after the Battle of Bosworth in 1485, where he was defeated by Henry Tudor.


His grave is now underneath a council car park in Leicester. DNA tests will reveal whether he’s really the king or not – it’s an adult male, with spinal abnormalities that point to scoliosis, which would have made his right shoulder higher than his left. The skeleton also shows injuries consistent with battle. Richard III was the last of the Plantagenets, and his death a decisive one in the Wars of the Roses.


Tests will be carried out on Michael Ibsen, a 55 year old Canadian furniture maker, who is a direct descendant of Richard III’s sister…


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