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As you well know, it’s hard to resist anything that concerns the ever-fascinating ancient Celts and their mysterious rituals…


This just so happens to be a subject that is touched on in Seduction, M.J.’s book that will be out on May 7.






Here’s  a little Celtic related wonderment for you on this spooky Halloween eve:


Celtic sacrifices confirmed at famed ancient site

by Dan Vergano (USA TODAY)


Ancient Celts practiced startling ritual murder practices, decorating sacrifice sites with ghoulish entanglements of human bones, most likely as a warning to foes and the folks they ruled.


“Halloween brings trick-or-treaters, candy and rather macabre displays of skeletons and graves suddenly dotting suburban lawns.



All in fun, but for the ancient Celts who cooked up the autumn festival of Samhain, a predecessor to today’s Halloween, a new study confirms such displays were serious business…”


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