…images made from bacteria! And they can actually be beautiful works of art. See for yourself-
Beautiful Bacteria: How To Make Art From E. Coli
by Claire O’Neill
“Bacteria can be pernicious, but they also keep your stomach digesting, turn cucumbers into beloved pickles, and can, apparently, also be used to make art. Of course, it all depends on how you want to define “art.” But Zachary Copfer finds himself precisely where it intersects with science.”I believe that the dichotomy often imposed on the fields of art and science is extremely limiting to both areas of study,” he writes on his website. “I create visual art that is about deeply exploring the beauty and poetry that reside in scientific theories.”I reached out to Copfer after seeing his “bacteriographs” on PetaPixel and (this will be really revealing) couldn’t contain my enthusiasm…”


For the complete piece and a lot of great images, click here to go to NPR.