Newberry Tablet written in Cypriot Minoan (500BC) found in Michigan, 1896


You’ve heard of the mummies of fair-skinned “giants” found in North America, right? What if those mysterious prehistoric red haired mummies are the descendants of the Minoan copper miners who emptied the Great Lakes of their copper thousands of years ago? Maybe the reason these mummies have been said to be over 7 feet tall is because they were the great great grandchildren of the strongest Minoan stock sent abroad to do the mining work that fueled the Bronze Age?


America Unearthed, a new series on the H2 channel, did a very interesting show on the subject of the ancient, mysterious copper mines in the Great Lakes region. Where did all the copper go and who mined it? (It was estimated that it would have taken 10,000 men about 1,000 years to remove all of this copper!)


Watch the episode here.