The Voynich manuscript. Is it an ancient and brilliant hoax of crypto genius? Is it the lost journal of a shipwrecked space alien? The ravings of a linguistically gifted lunatic? No one has ever been able to decipher it one way or the other. Until now. A new statistical analysis¬†of the medieval book that has “frustrated the world’s best code breakers for a century” is likely to contain “a genuine message”.


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Study: mysterious Voynich Manuscript carries ‘genuine message’





“A statistical analysis of a medieval book that has frustrated the world’s best code breakers for a century is likely to contain “a genuine message”.


The Voynich Manuscript is perhaps the greatest, most mysterious undeciphered medieval text. Dated from the 15th or 16th centuries in Italy, its 246 pages contain illustrations of seemingly imaginary plants and text that is, as far as anyone can tell, written in an entirely unknown made-up language.


Without any kind of Rosetta stone, cracking the Voynich manuscript has proven impossible — but many of the world’s best cryptography experts have remained convinced that there is a legitimate message in there. Its “alphabet” contains between 19 and 29 symbols, and its words and sentences conform to the lengths expected from other European languages…”


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