A widow’s ancient lament is found…



These sandals were placed in the tomb with him, lovingly woven from hemp bark and his heartbroken wife’s own hair.


A Love Letter Was Found On This 500 Year Old Mummified Body. Nothing Could Prepare Me For What It Said.



“When we love another person, we are on a journey through life with them. However, sometimes death separates us from our partners before the journey is over. This love letter was written by a grieving pregnant widow to her dead lover, Eung-Tae Lee. It was was discovered in an ancient tomb in Andong City, South Korea. The 16th-century male was a member of the ancient Goseong Yi clan and died long before his beloved at the age of 30.


Even though Eung-Tae Lee is now mummified, his death can still break our hearts…”


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