Remember those glittery sugar coated Easter Eggs with a tiny, frosted hole in the front through which one could peer into a miniature world of Easter Bunny mystery?


This lovely art installation is the grown up version –




Tiny Worlds Buried into Gallery Walls by Patrick Jacobs

by Danny Olda


“The Brooklyn based artist Patrick Jacobs explores the gallery space in a unique way. He installs his work inside galleries – literally within the gallery. Jacobs carefully constructs meticulously detailed diorama-like models. These models are then installed within the white walls of the gallery and fitted with porthole type windows. The installations give the appearance of miniature and often vividly colored worlds hidden within the gallery structure. However, the small round windows only allow viewers to act as onlookers, as if scientific researchers or even giant voyeurs. A world that would be pleasant to get lost in is perpetually inaccessible…”



For the rest, and many beautiful pictures, click here.