Peepshow or coincidence?


Enjoy, and thanks be to the glorious Atlas Obscura


The Aventine Keyhole
Rome’s semi-secret peephole vista is also a once and future Crusader stronghold


Contributor: Annetta Black (Admin)

“A sweeping view of Rome is perfectly contained in the keyhole of a non-descript looking door on the Aventine Hill, neatly placing the dome of St. Peter’s right in the center.


The doorway in question leads to the Priory of the Knights of Malta, the legendary crusader knights and religious order. Although the property has been in their hands for centuries, the site has seen many occupants. It originally held a fortified palace belonging to Alberico II, the ruler of Rome from 932-954, then becoming a benedictine monastery before passing first into the hands of the Knights Templar in the 1100s, then finally to their brothers in arms, the Knights of Malta in the 1400s….”


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