In a new model of the Big Bang, scientists produced two universes: One a mirror of the other. In one universe, time appears to run forwards. In the other, time runs backwards…


In a mirror universe, from our perspective, time may run backwards from the Big Bang.



Big Bang May Have Created a Mirror Universe Where Time Runs Backwards


Posted by Tim De Chant (Nova Next)


“Why does time seem to move forward? It’s a riddle that’s puzzled physicists for well over a century, and they’ve come up with numerous theories to explain time’s arrow. The latest, though, suggests that while time moves forward in our universe, it may run backwards in another, mirror universe that was created on the “other side” of the Big Bang.


Two leading theories propose to explain the direction of time by way of the relatively uniform conditions of the Big Bang. At the very start, what is now the universe was homogeneously hot, so much so that matter didn’t really exist. It was all just a superheated soup. But as the universe expanded and cooled, stars, galaxies, planets, and other celestial bodies formed, birthing the universe’s irregular structure and raising its entropy…”


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