In case you missed this before, or did not have a chance to see the pictures, here’s a bit on those discoveries made at Stonehenge last year. (Not that we mystery-minded folks were ever all that surprised by this news!)




Archaeologists Have Made An Incredible Discovery At Stonehenge


by George Dvorsky (io9)


“Using powerful ground-penetrating radar, investigators working around Stonehenge have detected a trove of previously unknown burial mounds, chapels, shrines, pits — and most remarkable of all — a massive megalithic monument made up of more than 50 giant stones buried along a 1,082-foot-long c-shaped enclosure.


This news is unreal — and it’s resetting virtually everything we thought we knew about Stonehenge. Just a week after finding out that Stonehenge was once a complete circle, archaeologists from Birmingham and Bradford universities, and from the Ludwig Boltzman Institute in Vienna, have shattered the image of Stonehenge as a desolate and lonely place…”


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