Tonight’s the night to curl up by the light of jack o’lanterns and watch something scary.


Happy Halloween to our mysterious readers –


1993 file photo of Jack Nicholson in the movie THE SHINING (1980).

Jack Nicholson in the movie THE SHINING (1980).



“In 1980, Stanley Kubrick shot The Shining, the classic horror film based on Stephen King’s novel. During production, the director allowed his daughter Vivian, then 17 years old, to shoot a documentary called Making The Shining, which lets you spend 33 minutes being a fly on the wall. The film originally aired on the BBC and gave British audiences the chance to see Jack Nicholson revving himself up to act, and Shelley Duvall collapsing in the hallway from stress and fatigue. Minutes later, we watch Mr. Kubrick exert some directorial force on the actress, and we understand her predicament all the more.”


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