A worthy challenge isn’t it? What IS sleep? And can you describe it in one sentence?…





From Van Winkles,
23 Experts Try to Explain ‘Sleep’ in One Sentence Or Less
By Theresa Fisher


“Sleep is a mystery.


Scientists acknowledge certain objective features of sleep, but, beyond that, differ in what they see as its essential elements. In defining it, would they emphasize the biological nature of the activity, its purpose or its benefits? Would “sleep” encompass those squishy states of semi-consciousness between sleeping and wakefulness? What about alcohol black-outs and comas, or when you zone out during slide 51 of a coworker’s scintillating presentation on growth tactics? And we haven’t even broached the philosophical side of things.


So we asked a variety of experts to answer the question “What is sleep?” in one sentence or less. Some definitions are specific to certain functions; others are wonderfully vague. All of them offer perspective on the universal act of rest.


1. “Sleep is the nightlife of the brain that functions to sustain and nourish our waking lives.”

— John Peever, Professor Professor of Cell and Systems Biology, University of Toronto


2. “Sleep is a fascinating scientific mystery — and a great personal blessing.”

— Hank Greely, Professor of Law and Genetics, Stanford University


3. “The promise that never stops promising.”

—RM Vaughan, Essayist


4. “Having your brain almost completely disconnected from the outside world but still living an internal life singular to you, while your body rests, lying down.”

— Célyne Bastien, Psychologist, Laval University, Québec, Canada…”


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