Here’s some occult trivia with which to wow your devilish hoard on this All Hallow’s Eve….




We Spoke to a Druid About the Occult History of Apple-Bobbing


By Nick Rose




“The apple, for all of its wholesome goodness, has a bit of a dark past.


The forbidden fruit at the root of humanity’s falling out with God is often illustrated as an apple. Cut an apple in half, and you will find a five-pointed star, or pentagram, often associated with Satanism and the occult. More recently, apples have been used in metal videos to convey images of creepy paganism.


Today, most trick-or-treaters who get apples are unaware of their dark past and discard them immediately, presumably because of their lower sugar content than the rest of their loot. Instead, we mostly enjoy them dunked in caramel or bobbed from huge vats of water by children with tied-up hands, in the popular Halloween ritual known as apple-bobbing.


And while apple-bobbing is widely considered to be a fusion of Roman and Celtic pagan traditions, there is evidence that the custom goes back way further, and some believe that it was part of an elaborate human sacrifice ritual…”


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