A series of unfortunate events, plus a wizard.



From The Vintage News,


The cursed Island of Gaiola: those who have lived there have met with a terrible fate


“Gaiola Island (Isola della Gaiola in Italian) is a small Italian island located just off the coast of Naples in the heart of Gaiola Underwater Park, a protected region of about 42 hectares. The island takes its name from the cavities that dot the coast of Posillipo.


The location was held in high regard by the ancient Romans, who built a temple to Venus on the island, which was then known as “Euplea.”


It is said that the legendary Roman poet Virgil favored the island and taught his students there. In the 19th century, it played host to a coastal battery for the defense of the Bay of Naples.


There are many legends about the place being cursed. In the early 1800s, the island was inhabited by a hermit nicknamed “The Wizard”, who lived thanks to the charity of fishermen.


Soon after, the island saw the construction of the villa that occupies it today and which was, at one time, owned by Norman Douglas, author of Land of the Siren. Without warning, “The Wizard“ mysteriously disappeared…”


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