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From The Dodo,

Woman Throws Little Parties For The Squirrels Who Come To Visit Her
She builds them dining rooms and even food trucks.

by Caitlin Jill Anders


“After a woman discovered some injured baby squirrels in her yard, she felt a bond towards them, and decided to start doing something special.


Ashly Deskins woke up one morning to find that four baby squirrels had fallen from two different nests in her backyard. She watched in awe as one of the mother squirrels came down to save her babies — but unfortunately, the other two were left behind.


My husband and I attempted to save the other two abandoned squirrels by rushing them to a wildlife center,” Deskins told The Dodo. “Sadly, the injured babies did not survive, but the encounter sparked a special interest in the squirrels, which caused me to appreciate and enjoy them during my daily routine.”


From that moment on, Deskins couldn’t help but notice how many squirrels there were living near her apartment complex, and started to feel connected to them. Many of the squirrels would hang out on her back patio, and so she began leaving almonds for them occasionally. Then, she had a brilliant idea…”


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