What’s cooler than a secret compartment in a Leonardo da Vinci statue? — Maybe the secret apartments inside the New York Public Library?


The back bedroom of Fort Washington Library’s secret apartment. (Sarah Laskow for Atlas Obscura)


From Atlas Obscura,


11 Secret Spaces Hiding in Famous Places
Thousands of people pass through these destinations each day unaware there’s a hidden gem tucked inside.
by Meg Neal


“When planning a trip, it’s easy to feel torn between wanting to experience a city’s must-see iconic landmarks and discovering something unknown to the most passersby. As it happens, there’s a third category that checks off both of these things at once: unknown spaces hiding in extremely well-known places.


These secret gems can add an extra layer of exploration to checklist destinations like Times Square or the Eiffel Tower—if you know where to find them. We combed through the Atlas to pull out 11 of the least obvious spaces lurking in the most obvious places…”


For the list, click here. It’s fantastic!