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The Terror of the South China Sea Was a Woman

Here’s the irresistible story of the most mysterious pirate to ever sail the seven seas, “The Terror of the South China Sea” — a female pirate named Chang Shih, plucked from a brothel…


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The Incredible Story of the Baddest Female Pirate to Ever Sail the Seas

by Ben Roffee for RYOT


“When people talk about the most successful pirate that ever lived, it better be about one particular badass that commanded a fleet of as many as 80,000 sailors aboard 1,500 ships during the early 1800s.


This pirate’s name was Chang Shih, who didn’t exactly look the part by our Disneyfied standards for one fairly obvious reason: she was a lady.


Plucked from a brothel in Canton by invading pirates, she was married off to a notorious pirate named Zheng Yi in 1801. But she didn’t resign to the idle life of a house ship wife, opting instead to help her husband be even better at piracy than he already was.


Together, they patched together a coalition of competing pirates groups into the the Red Flag Fleet, which became an incontestable naval force in the South China Sea at its height. When Zheng Yi died in 1807, there was no other choice but for Chang Shih to take the reins…”


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The Time Capsule House

Grange Farm, located in the heart of England, was the home of Jack and Audrey for 70 years…


The Contents Of This Home Have Been Untouched Since The 1940s. This Goes Beyond Fascinating


By Houston Barber




“Have you ever loved a place so much you wished you would never leave? What if you not only never left, but also kept everything in the same place for your entire life? That’s exactly what brother and sister combo Jack and Audrey Newton did for 70 years until their recent death. The siblings stayed in their childhood home since the early 1940s, never getting married and refusing all technological advancements.


Their lifestyle was mostly a mystery until the house was set up for auction after the death of its elderly residents. More than 500 items, trapped in time, were discovered inside…”


For the rest, a video, and many, many photos, click here.






Frida’s closet: The artist’s wardrobe locked up for 50 years

Revealed: The mysterious treasures of Frida’s closet…


What Frida wore: the artist’s wardrobe locked up for 50 years – in pictures


“After Frida Kahlo died in 1954, her husband Diego Rivera shut her belongings in a bathroom at their Mexico City home, the Blue House – then demanded it be locked until 15 years after his death. In fact, the room wasn’t opened until 2004. Ishiuchi Miyako was invited to photograph its intimate contents when they went on show at the Frida Kahlo museum in Mexico City in an exhibition curated by Circe Henestrosa. Here are the artist’s beloved belongings, from sunglasses to handpainted corsets…”


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